Device created this instructive video campaign that explores the current digital media landscape and the ways to navigate it.

The goal of the campaign was to generate more awareness among users of the younger generation about the potential dangers and falsities lying behind digital content. The main idea? Hit pause, take a step back and think for yourself – when faced with an overwhelming amount of information, it’s often hard to separate fact from fiction or to come up with a discerning opinion.

YouTube The whole picture – Device

YouTube Emotional Language – Device

Youtube Trust me – Device

YouTube The unanswer-er – Device

That’s Device created 5 short and engaging videos tackling some of the most typical situations for online users – They made sure to refine the message in order to make it as clear and concise as possible, while retaining a humourous, tongue-in-cheek approach. They chose the examples that better represented each situation and worked to find the right tone of voice to fit the global scope of the campaign. Appealing to young people from all over the world, belonging to different cultures and with different habits is no small feat, but this was a challenge they gladly took on. Our approach aimed to honor the richness and diversity of the world, while speaking in a “universal” language that would get the message across in a funny and clear way.

Youtube Creative Studio & Nomint
Youtube Creative Studio & Nomint
Youtube Creative Studio & Nomint

Device applied this from concept to execution, from the clear narrative structure and humorous approach, to the campaign’s aesthetics.

Characters explorations

The visual style they developed aimed to complement the narrative of each video: Device wanted to create something that looked both unexpectedly weird and optimistic, mixing a touch of surrealism with daily, usual situations. They used exaggerated proportions and a vibrant, acid color palette to transform these everyday moments into something memorable, and they steered clear from any gender or race references in keeping with the campaign’s universal spirit.  Strong, defined shadows and clean outlines contribute to a minimalistic, yet highly expressive style that leaves no room for the superfluous. Their focus was always on the main action and message for each short video: Device avoided distractions, but had fun adding some subtle, unexpected elements that would further engage the audience.

Style explorations

The music and sound effects they chose was also very important in creating a complete experience, as they added further emphasis to the narrative and visual style: they opted for a retro track, reminiscent of 80s video games, added some contemporary beats and used vivid sound effects to enhance that slapstick mood.

By blending all these elements together the 5 videos make for a coherent, memorable campaign, mixing a distinctive look with a concise and structured narrative and a dash of fun. 


YouTube Creative Studio

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