No one forgets the experience of watching a live NBA basketball game. When the lights go down and that first set of confetti guns blows off, initiating a beloved ceremony of sports theatrics that is simply cinematic, the crowd is hooked on the larger than life screens proudly boasting the badass players that are about to take over the arena.

Derrick Favors Branding
NBA Baketball Branding

And we were nothing short of straight up jazzed to have the opportunity to bring this ritual to life for – you guessed it – the iconic Utah Jazz (see what we did there) to give their players the most awesome introductions possible. You can’t help but get ready to rumble watching these sweet vids!

Y’all ready for this? Let us tell you, we were certainly ready to bring the Amigo Total pazazz to this project for the Utah Jazz. Creating eight distinct five-second videos that can stand alone, be looped, or played consecutively, our vision was to fuse the digital and analog styles to create a reimagined version of this NBA staple.

We took real videos of the players and elevated them by manipulating the frames with blurs, gradients, broken animations, good and bad renders, and other unique techniques like scanning images, printing them, and then scanning them again ‘cause ya know we be committing. In this way, each video breathes a second life into the original footage, challenging the standard approach to motion graphics with a deconstructed, edgy aesthetic.

Directed by


Produced by


Executive Producer

Marcello Buselli


Pol Solà

Project Manager

Victoria Ventura


Pol Solà, Carlo Candido Todesco, Tommaso Boccheni & Tyler Andrews

2D Animation

Pol Solà & Eduardo Altarriba

3D Animation

Raül Peix


Kevin Robbins


Utah Jazz

VP Creative

David Young

Creative Director

Chris George

Art Director

Dan McKinney

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