We were commissioned by Spotify to tribute Canada’s 150th birthday.

Spotify wanted to give homage to such an important date by encouraging its users to participate in an interactive Social Media Campaign to remember and thank Canadian musicians for their great, long-lasting songs, which will always be both in our collective cultural imaginary and also deep inside our hearts.

spotify england flag illustration
spotify america illustration
spotify calculator illustration

When the Spotify team came to us alongside Jose Mendez’s illustrations and asked us to develop the whole Campaign’s animation, we just felt delighted. Considering that we had never worked using the public’s feedback before, interacting with letters that millions of users had sent to Spotify was exciting and challenging for us. The Campaign’s idea was to elaborate different animated short video-loops to spread them all across the social network, each of them containing a quite surrealistic, yet colorful and carefree depiction of the Spotify users’ texts.

Our music proposal was extremely heterogeneous, willing not to engage with any specific music genre at all. Thus, we created and produced diverse original songs for each story in collaboration with Aimar Molero, using unconventional and imaginative sounds such as celestial choirs, police sirens and barking dogs samplers.

spotify dancers illustration
spotify on top of a mountain illustration

Directed by


Produced by


Executive Producer

Marcello Buselli


Ibran Trassierra, Pol Solà & Eudald Salarich


José Mendez

Cel Animation

Eudald Salarich, Nacho Rodríguez, Melisa Farina & Fernando Abaca


Eudald Salarich & Rafa Andrade

Edit & Compositing

Pol Solà

Music & Sound Design

Aimar Molero

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