Back in the 90s, the electronic artist and composer Richard Devine started using computer-based applications for music composition. We had the lucky chance to translate his analog synth-based work into an animated visual description.

Having in mind that Devine’s sounds were revolutionary at a time when electronic music was going digital, our biggest challenge was to simultaneously express both his nostalgic point of view and his prophetic role towards the next generation of music composers.

“There are always new sonic universes to explore into this dimension. I encourage you to go inside.” R.D.

As an artistic summary of Devine’s Masterclass at Sonar+D 2019, we created this motion graphics synthetic story. We wanted it to illustrate the double-faced essence of Devine’s work, so we proposed an organic communication between the old and the new, both in the design and the animation of the video. We chose a minimal color gamut (grey, blue, black and white) with some orange strokes to give the modern industrial look a sense of warmness. The vintage point is conveyed by color gradients and noisy textures, and the animation style is in constant change: from recreating an old VHS mood using stop motion techniques to employing fast and fluid digital movements.

Directed By


Commissioned by




Prod. Company

Vampire Films

Executive Producer

Alex Julià


Pol Solà


Pol Solà


Erik Righetti & Pol Solà

Music & Sound Design

Raül Peix


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