We were invited by Pull&Bear and Prod. Co. Vampire Films to co-direct this film alongside David Camarero. A movie merging film and CGI and the street youth culture with the contemporary digital one.

pull and bear 3d text

Two worlds juxtaposed by music, an entity with the power of triggering change, switching seamlessly between fantasy and reality until we lose the boundaries, merging film and CGI into a new reality.
Chynna’s track “Attention” (prod. Soda Plains) acts as the catalyst creating change and reaction, being the protagonist at the same time.

The beauty of human imperfection is conveyed here through high-res 3D graphics, glitchy 3D scans, and a wide variety of resources ranging from abstract fluid backgrounds, vivid gradients, or liquid textures.
The dream-like scenario is achieved by mixing the urban live-action locations with fantasy vaporwave 3D nature, as well as street/urban 3D elements such as chains, lasts, and broken glass.

The final finishing relies on the custom-made chrome-type illustrations that boldly step on top of the frames.

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