Montblanc has a worldwide reputation for their craftsmanship, innovation and longevity – now they’re taking that same philosophy and applying it towards more sustainable goals.
We worked together on their new campaign pledging for a greener future, to showcase the steps the company’s currently taking towards achieving net-zero.

We created a video focusing on the Montblanc products, their meaning and their mark on the world, while highlighting their pledge message through elegant and subtle frame-by-frame animation. Immersive transitions introduce us to a vibrant world, where sketchy, imperfect lines play into a variety of shapes and scenarios with the same grace and swiftness of a Montblanc pen sliding on a piece of paper. Every small gesture holds potential great impact: we used shifting perspectives to easily go from one simple pen to bigger, more complex scenarios, showcasing the company’s mission.

Paper texture and lively, ink-like strokes help define the video’s polished look, in keeping with the Montblanc spirit and aesthetics. To add more vitality and a hand-drawn feel to the lines, we used a simple stroke vibration to mark the more hectic scenes, and a more dynamic one to add rhythm to the static ones. Across the entire video there’s a lot of energy and movement behind these unexpected, high paced transitions. Shapes morph seamlessly into objects and concepts, bringing the focus on the campaign’s message with a balanced, refined approach – after all, great ideas are often born from things as simple as pen and paper.

Produced by


Directed by



W+K Amsterdam


Raül Peix

Executive Producer

Marcello Buselli


Tamara Sefcovicova


Luis Mendo

Additional Illustration

Eudald Salarich

Cel Animation

Fernando Abaca, Giorgio Gore, Eze Cruz, Javi Vaquero

3D Animation

Raül Peix

Clean Up

Eze Cruz, Daniel Soms, Núria Just, Pau Anglada


Raül Peix

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