A controversial logo, 80’s design, and questionable online communication…there was really nothing else we could do but fall in love with Jumpers. A campaign from Fuego Camina Conmigo done in collaboration with Amigo Total.

In order to celebrate a brand that is really confident with being exactly who they are, this campaign calls itself out for being silly and cringey – by being the most silly and cringey. We embody this satirical style in our directorial vision to further highlight the creative concepts and narratives.
To create this heightened DIY design, we used a number of different techniques and tools including mock-up templates, Pixel Art, Word Art, stock images, online 2D/3D text generators, shooting footage at home on an iPhone and even warping corporate logos to complement the look and feel of the campaign.

Directed by

Amigo Total

Animation Production


Executive Producer

Marcello Buselli

Creative Direction

Oriol Fernandez


Fuego Camina Conmigo

Head of Production

Victoria Ventura


Pol Solà & Raül Peix

Cel Animation

Juan Huarte & Gianluca Patti


Raül Peix


Pol Solà

Music & Sound Design

Esteban Navarro & Raül Peix

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