Everything is more fun when you’re overdosing on sugar! And our friends over at agency El Laboratorio trusted us to direct this TV Commercial campaign for Huesitos, who is eager to share the fun by revealing just how thrilling life can be when you let them into the picture.


Why not an unconventional game of tennis played with a bar of chocolate instead of a racket? One that will have you wondering: did I eat too much sugar or is it all just a fever dream? Either way, this campaign demonstrates that Huesitos makes the world a more exciting and – let’s be real – fun place, where the possibilities of life are sweet.

In terms of style, in order to contrast the hyperactive world of the scenes and music, we wanted to ground the viewer in a realistic image of the chocolate. So rather than a DIY aesthetic that would lean into the absurdity, we chose to use a high-end CGI integration, adding a level of sophistication that enables the viewer to empathize with the ridiculousness.


El Laboratorio

Production Company


Executive Producer

Sergi Roda

Directed by

Amigo Total


Ibran Trassierra


Karen Weiss & Raül Peix


Karen Weiss, Marco Petrucci & Raül Peix

Music & Sound Design

Nil Ciuró

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