We are living in the intricate age of information overload, spread all over and saturated by multi-platform media. It’s time to go back to true values, to tradition, to meaningful words. It’s time to return to our roots, to our essence. It’s time to reconnect.

Agency The Summer Agency approached Device to collaborate in Guuk’s launching campaign, a new telco brand operating in the Spanish Basque Country.

Collaborating with Calugi’s linear-styled illustrations, Device built a minimalist graphic universe through an organic cel animation aiming to get a synthetic and essential mood. The iconic, corporate green point shows us the beginning and the end of a story about belonging, community, energy, and, above all, connection.

Music and sound design were key to give the spot the right positive and empowering tone as well as to mirror the Basque culture by playing one of their traditional instruments, the “txalaparta”, as the main sound to build the melody.

Device used the line as our guide throughout the narrative, creating bonds between people, situations, and values, all embodied by Guuk.

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