GameStop is a well-known video game retailer whose stocks were on the rocks due to wealthy hedge funds investors who bought and sold their stock short for quick-time profits on the stock market. Then a brilliant plan was formed on a subforum of by amateur investors: They would pool their money together, hold on to GameStop stock, and driving up the stock price (creating what is known as a “short squeeze”).

We teamed up with BOL director All in Pixel to create a series of pixel animations for the documentary Gamestop: Rise Of The Players which tells the story in full.

The 16-bit-inspired animations are spread throughout the film to add a new dimension to the documentary, bridging the gaps between interviews and archival clips. The pixel illustrations were created to depict real-life key players involved in the market phenomenon and actual places where the events occurred.

We wanted to make sure that the visual style fit well within the documentary’s framework, while also catching the viewer’s eye and keeping them focused on narrative. We accomplished this by creating fluid animations with colour schemes that mirrored the tone and pace of each scene.

If you’re interested in seeing the documentary in full find it now via most streaming services.




All In Pixel

Art Direction

Raül Peix

Executive Producer

Marcello Buselli


Ariadna Pons


Luke Etcheverry, Laro Saiz, Toni Sala

Character Illustrations

Toni Sala

Background Illustrations



Raül Peix

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