Depicting only synthetic shapes along with a colorful and warm graphic style, Device has created a story that aims to symbolically convey the benefits that some specific stress-tackling techniques can bring to increase individuals’ wellbeing.

Acting as the main character in the story, the white sphere introduces us to the main causes of stress in working environments. Performing as the individual in society, our protagonist explains to us the app’s main goal: overcoming stress by managing the factors which usually provoke it, the “stressors” (read: tight deadlines, excessive self-demand, traffic jams…). Traveling around a highly abstract universe, the white ball progressively collides with the “stressors”, identified with an anguishing curved-texture, the ones which block our protagonist’s movement and harm its inner balance.

Using Foundations corporative colors and a 9:16 typical mobile format, Device gave to our full 3D animation a slight 2D touch through flat lightning on the volumed objects. We combined realistic elements like physical dynamics and hard shadows with a playful graphic style to bring the story a friendly and warm personality. To reach coherence and unity into the app’s abstract universe, we proposed a distinct illustration carrying a high presence of rounded angles, very organic shaping, and a great sort of symbolic constructions related to individual balance and personal wellbeings such as scales or hanging mobiles.

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