Scene 1 – Bloom

For 2019’s holiday season, Rimowa released its brand new “Rimowa Unique” feature: a customization service that allows customers to add hints of color to their suitcase by choosing from a set of wheels, handles, luggage tags and stickers. The motivation behind this new feature is individuality and self-expression — the idea that travelers can imprint their personal meanings and experiences in such an essential, yet intimate traveling icon.

Scene 2 – Bounce

The campaign visualizes each color combination as a dreamy landscape of its own, exploring the infinity of memories, places and feelings that a certain palette can represent to a person. Altogether, the set of videos travel through a variety of surroundings with different behaviors, as each adds color to the suitcase in its singular manner: a mesmerizing take on the possibilities presented by the new feature.

Scene 3 – Flow

Scene 4 – Drift

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