Meet the gentle, new Real Estate Advisor! Solvia’s consultant kindly accompanies you in the process of choosing your home, either if you are buying or renting it, and helps you out even rescuing the most difficult-to-catch fleeing offers. The advisor will be always taking care of you, like a great magical friend able to achieve anything you need.

As a modern Real Estate Agency, Solvia is aware of our constantly changing, interactive world, and therefore decided to rely on the concept of advising with a distinctive, cutting-edge new animation campaign, launched alongside S.C.P.F. agency and using Carmen Segovia’s smart and naive illustrations. After several campaigns, they wanted to upgrade their look and feel so S.C.P.F. approached us to direct two new sets of Solvia campaigns.

The main challenge was to give the campaign a new approach yet keeping its iconic essence. After a long development, we came up with the best suitable idea by merging both Carmen Segovia’s minimalistic, B&W, flat graphic style along with new odd textures and bright colors. We decided to go for this mixed media proposal willing to reach a collage tone which, together with the seamless and lifelike cel animation, would give the story both a craftier tone and a renewed personality.

Given the quite fantastic context that already surrounded the campaign before, our novelty was focused on stretching a bit those surreal borders by playing with the scale of all the elements as well as employing some unexpected texturizing solutions, achieving a much singular result. These new components ranged from static colorful patterns to moving images, using not only photomontage techniques but also applying videos in order to get living textures involved in the story.

We also magnified the scale and proportions seeking unusual interactions (say: huge hands, tiny houses, enormous typewriters…) and employed some odd transitions like a split-screen with a bidirectional staircase, aiming to enhance the surrealist artistic tone of the story and also to convey a bold, authentic, brand new reinterpretation of Solvia’s graphic universe.

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