Is it possible to capture an indescribable experience? We were certainly up for the challenge when it came to animating Soon in Tokyo’s project for luggage brand, Away. Inspired by some of the most intimate abstract feelings, each of these videos is a private visual voyage to 5 legendary places brought to life by the minds of Genís Rigol and Emma Roulette.

With the idea of representing travel as psychedelic journeys to far-out places, we decided to do something more meaningful with this concept than just the expected kaleidoscopic colors. Inspired by significant human sensations, we designed unique interpretations of these mysterious and sometimes magical spaces, which work to give the viewer the feeling, taste, and smell of their surroundings.

We designed each video to be based on a truthful representation of the supposed area. Extensively researching each part of the world where these monumental legends were born, the animations reflect accurate references to relevant architecture of the time, as well as the flora and fauna that can be found there.

looking at the clouds
Away Animation Progress

By taking a comic style approach to the narrative and looking through various panoramic views of these ancient civilizations, we found smaller, more specific moments of action to occur within frames. As a result, each movement, feature, and detail connects back to the feeling of the present, as the full picture gives us this pivotal understanding of each world beyond words.

Produced by


Directed by

Genís Rigol

Art Direction by

Emma Roulette

Executive Producer

Marcello Buselli

Head of Production

Victoria Ventura


Emma Roulette

Additional illustration

Marc Torices, Gianluca Patti

Cel Animation

Juan Huarte, Giorgio Gore, Fernando Abaca, Melisa Farina, Hanxu Chen


Daniel Soms, Núria Just, Gianluca Patti, Juan Huarte, Ester Dus, Javier Delestal


Ester Dus, Giorgio Gore

Music & Sound Design

Facundo Capece


Soon in Tokyo

Strategy and Creative Director

Angelo Palma

Art Director

Javi Donada, Oliver Campbell


Angelo Palma

Account Director

Nuria Guinovart, Van Martin

Production Manager

Sonia Figuera

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