Matthew Locascio from Adidas reached Podenco with an ambitious brief: tell in 20 seconds the story of Gabriel Jesus, a humble kid from Rio de Janeiro that made it from slums to become an international star in soccer game.

There was footage from another shooting they wanted to re-use in this project. It was a big challenge to accommodate it to the story needs and peculiarities.
Podenco worked with the designs of Matt, who provided all the assets for slum transformation.
Podenco also wanted to push the boundaries of collage style, and tried to give a little bit of depth to it. The slums architecture design was a key part in the process. He built a bunch of solids and make cubes with them in 3D space inside after effects. These cubes were meant to be slums buildings. Then, replaced all those solids with textures and used corrugated metal plates, fences, plastics, etc

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