We also develop projects that give us the space to explore the ideas and narratives that personally inspire us. These short-form projects enable us to go beyond our realm of comfort with inventive styles and techniques that allow our creativity to flourish and thrive.

We are currently in the production of a satirical short-film with director Genís Rigol

He Ran Towards his Comrade is a story about an old businessman looking for popularity. He will create problems in people in order to be able to help them.

In this space we are free to discuss relevant subjectmatters and support collectives that deserve the spotlight, challenging the established narratives and proposing alternative realities through self-exploration and experimentation.

We believe in this work because it keeps our creativity atthe forefront of what we do and invigorates us to promote new talent and inclusivity. Our contribution is to share diverse and inclusive representations that take into account a number of balanced perspectives and help to bring positive change within our society.