Here we explore the diversity of 3D and give you an idea of the possible projects we can help realize here at BOL. May it be a hyperrealistic product render, a bold, humoristic artwork, or a fast process production, our roster of directors and illustrators can help make it a reality.



Creating product renders within 3D, enables a new world of promotion possibilities. Giving clients the ability to incorporate their product or service with otherworldly elements, apply supernatural physics or remodel forms in new and exciting ways.



Not only are you able to create realistic models of everyday items, but also create funny, eye-catching characters, that can liven up any scene.



With an endless range of possibilities, 3D has the ability to materialize those magical elements that could only be dreamt of.

New 3D Processes


We often get asked about timeframes with productions. With the 3D space improving, tools are becoming faster and more effective. Using programs like unreal, we are able to create quick 2D to 3D productions like this SEAT advertisement made by Amigo Total. If you are interested in delving further into the world of 3D, don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss the possibilities further.