BOL is a full service animation and illustration production house made up of a handpicked roster of international directors and illustrators. Their unique strengths and diverse voices cover a broad spectrum of narratives, styles and techniques, to develop short-form commissioned and original content across all screens and media.

We are a highly experienced creative, production and technical team that develops short-form commissioned and original content – from cel animation to CGI and everything in between — no matter the specifications.

We do this by helping our partners discover outstanding new ways of communicating with their audiences, seamlessly moving between style, tone, and voice depending on the needs of the project.
We stand out because our approach expands on any proposed idea, creating the best possible narrative, artistic and technical solution within a specifiedbudget and timeline.

Born from a friendship of more than 10 years that began with the Device animation studio, Bol continues to uphold a culture of camaraderie and respect with a mutual appreciation for the work of team members and clients alike. It is a collaborative space rooted in a collective mindset. We are actively committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace for all identities.

The Team

Victoria Ventura,
Head of Production

Marcello Buselli,

Ariadna Pons,
Head of Content, Producer

Ibran Trassierra,

Jake Lucas,
Communications Manager

Pierre Gobin,
France EP, New Business

Tamara Sefcovicova,

We approach every film that we make as a contribution to our larger culture. It’s an opportunity to create a better society through our diverse interpretations of reality. With each new project we make the promise to stretch the boundaries of what is possible.